People of every age, race, and gender battle unwanted redness and inflammation. Without knowing it, many of these individuals have rosacea, but more than that, they have options to combat the unsightly condition with SkinPerfected. 

Rosacea Symptoms

  • Persistent facial redness 
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Papules and pustules
  • Dry, rough, or sensitive skin
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Burning or stinging sensations
  • Thickened skin 
  • Flaky or peeling skin

Causes of Rosacea

While the exact cause of rosacea may vary from person to person, it is believed to result from a combination of genetic, environmental, and vascular factors. Identifying and avoiding triggers, along with appropriate treatment, can help manage rosacea symptoms effectively. Some of these factors may include:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Immune System Dysfunction
  • Environmental Triggers
  • Chronic Inflammation

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Shannon Morrow

In 2022, Shannon founded SkinPerfected in Chicago, offering luxurious yet scientifically proven treatments. With a focus on safety, effectiveness, and minimal discomfort, she assembled a top-notch team dedicated to providing exceptional care. Shannon’s commitment is to enhance one’s natural beauty!

Treatments for Rosacea

Cosmetic treatments for rosacea focus on managing and minimizing the visible symptoms of the condition to improve the appearance. In addition to topical treatments, microneedling, laser, and light-based therapies are frequently used to reduce redness associated with rosacea. These treatments work by selectively targeting blood vessels, causing them to shrink and fade over time. 

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Rosacea FAQs